Friday, January 14, 2011

60 Cigarettes Later

I am not a lost soul.

I still love her.

I forgot what's right.

I've learned how to make money. I am making this computer buy me a new computer so that I can use that computer to pay off my incredibly incurable and unforgivable debts.

Few things are right. There remains little to nothing common about sense.

One time I was good at selling dope. My grandmother and my cousin died that year, and I lost my mind. Don't ever envy me.

Those who aren't lying are simply full of shit.

Roughly 90 days and I can put Texas behind me. It felt good that night talking to her. She said I should call her back later, and I was so wasted. I just said that probably wouldn't be a good idea. I'm not sure if she believed me. Then again I know she believes every word out of my mouth. It's a responsibility thing.

So I'm definitely going to buy that house.

Mark Zuckerberg is probably not a very good person.

I like my wrist rest. I like my foot rest. I like my coffee grinder. The cup you gave me. The car I wrecked. My precious Ray-Bans.

All of these things are destined to be dust in the wind.

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